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Encouraging language through play

Toddlers aren’t much for sitting down and having long conversations about their day. In fact, it may seem difficult to learn even the most basic information about what your child does, likes and thinks. This type of reciprocal conversation requires some pretty complex skills that most toddlers have yet to master. The type of language … Read More

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A parent’s guide for teaching positive instruction following to toddlers

If you’re the parent of a toddler, your days are filled with the word “no:” both your child saying the word to you and you saying it to them. Your day is also likely filled with activities, routines, and movement, all of which you need your toddler to agree to in order to maintain some … Read More

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Dropping your kid off at childcare without feeling like a jerk: a behavioral scientists’ guide to mastering childcare drop off

We all dread the day – whether your baby goes to daycare at 3 months old or starts preschool at 3 years old, the idea of sending your little one off into the care of someone you don’t know can be devastating. No matter how much research you do on the quality of the care … Read More

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5 amazing alternatives to screen time: and teaching your toddler to choose them first!

I often get asked about alternatives to screen time. With the pandemic still among us and lots of variation in childcare availability, many parents find themselves at home with their children, trying to stay productive and happy. Screen time is absolutely okay in moderation, and for the 2 to 5 age group, one hour or … Read More

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Why it’s okay to let your kid eat dessert during dinner (a guide for the picky eater!)

You know the scenario: You’ve prepared a healthy meal and think to yourself “this will finally be the night we’ll all sit together and eat. No fussing, no crying, everyone eating many bites of food, laughing, talking about our day……” BUT your toddler has other plans. If your life is any bit as crazy as … Read More