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Hi and welcome to behavior-mom.com! Let’s face it – parenting is tough. And while there’s no shortage of advice out there, advice can sometimes fall short of providing parents with strategies that will actually work. That’s why I founded behavior-mom.com – I wanted to help parents through common parenting struggles using science! This website is filled with videos, blogs, visuals and tips to support you on this crazy but awesome parenting adventure. Check out the “about” page to find out more about me, about behavior analysis and about this website!

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I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA-D) with a doctoral degree in child clinical psychology. I have spent my career focused on the application of behavioral principles to supporting autistic people. I’ve published dozens of peer reviewed articles and book chapters in the profession of applied behavior analysis (ABA). Topics of my publications have included early language development, supporting people with navigating challenging behavior, supervision, and ethics. I’ve also published a book, which helps ABA practitioners understand how to integrate research into their clinical practice.

Most importantly, I’m a mom to a wonderful kid who keeps me running, jumping, and coming up with new blog ideas daily! I reside in the San Francisco Bay area with my husband, young son, and ridiculously rambunctious French bulldog, Scribbles.

What you can find on this site

Parenting Resources

Parenting struggles occur across all ages. In the KIDS section of this website, you’ll find blogs, tips and other strategies divided into major developmental ages and stages.


This website isn’t just about kids. In my PARENTS section I focus on you, as a parent and ensuring you stay happy and healthy! I address important topics such as nutrition, exercise, relationships, and time management through the use of the science of behavior analysis.


I’ve created a video library of the most common behavior analytic concepts you’ll need to know to implement new strategies. I’ve broken them down into easy to understand terms so you can easily understand and use them in your parenting and in your overall life