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Applied Behavior Analysis Research Made Easy: A Handbook for Practitioners Conducting Research Post-Certification

My book is about how behavior analysts can integrate research into their practice. You can purchase it through Amazon or directly through the publisher at New Harbinger Publications.

I wrote a blog for New Harbinger Publications about the topic of my book, offering practitioners tips for getting started on their research journey, which you can find here.

I have completed several workshops, trainings, and presentations for behaviorlive. These are recorded and available for purchase directly through their website:

I do not offer any services at this time. I hope that families needing help will find the many tools and resources available on my website useful in navigating common parenting problems. If you have a specific question or want assistance finding someone to help you more directly, please complete the form on the “contact” page of this website and I’ll respond!

Applied Behavior Analysis Research Made Easy Book

Podcast interviews, guest blogs, and other media appearances

I’ve participated in several podcast interviews and guest blogs on various topics related to the profession of behavior analysis. Not all of them relate to parenting, but you’ll find some fun discussions about topics like time management, self-care, and finding good balance between career and parenting.

Podcast Guest Interview – “Episode #120 – All things research – A talk with Amber Valentino. Autism Outreach Podcast, by Rose Griffin (2023).

Podcast Guest Interview“Season 4, Episode 6: How to conduct research for the busy practitioner” ABA unfiltered podcast with Tim Crilly (2022)

Podcast Guest Interview – “Episode 165: Research topics in ABA for practitioners with Dr. Amber Valentino” Dr. Mary Barbera, Turn Autism Around Podcast (2022). 

Guest Blogger – Making a Name for Yourself through Applied Research: Five Tips for Behavior Analyst Practitioners Who Want to Publish!” New Harbinger Publications (2022).

Podcast Guest Interview – “Episode 8: Organization and Time Management” The Lift Podcast with Tyra Sellers and Linda LeBlanc (2021). 

Behavior Live Continuing Education Unit Event – Putting cheeseburgers back on the menu: Recommendations for incorporating ABA supervision best practices into everyday work (2021)

Podcast Guest Interview – “Episode 2: Overcoming Barriers to Applied Research: A Guide for Practitioners with Amber Valentino.” Behavior Analysis in Practice: The Podcast (2021). 

Interview – “This way of doing: “Behavior Analyst-Mother-Researcher-Leader: The multi-hyphenate mom: Lessons about prioritizing work, parenting, and applied research by Amber Valentino.” Team on Location (2020).  

Guest Blogger – “Airstream dreams: an example of skinner’s verbal behavior in everyday life” Verbal Behavior Matters ABAI’s Behavior Science Dissemination, (2018).