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Real self-care for moms

The mere mention of self-care for mothers in our society likely immediately garners visions of facials, pedicures, and bubble baths. When I became a mom, immediately after bringing my son home from the hospital, people started talking about self-care like it was everything I needed and should be doing at the time. I received giftboxes, … Read More

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Fitting in Fitness: A guide for the too busy parent

“I just don’t have the time!” How many times have you said (or heard) that phrase in response to a discussion about fitness and physical activity? I’ve heard and said it all too often over the years. Even though we all know that physical activity, of any kind is good for us, we still struggle … Read More

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Report for duty! A couple’s guide to creating equality with childcare responsibilities.

My husband and I have always been true partners in managing the logistics of our lives.  We both have our strengths – for example, I’m an expert on planning fun day trips around the bay area, while he excels with our financial planning and investments. He’s an incredible cook, I’m a wonderful house organizer. We … Read More